Thursday, April 28, 2011

This and that

Another look at Easter attire
I really like the silhouettes on both of the girls dresses. They each reflect their distinctive personalities. Courtney is the young, fun, spunky one and Krystle is the more mature, romantic, serious one. Glad we didn't have a double wedding with these two... would have been reminiscent of the "Brady Brides" movie. FYI... Courtney is not that much taller than Krystle she is just wearing very tall heels whereas Krystle had just kicked hers off.
This photo makes Krystle look much taller. Danika is such a girly girl. She changed out of her Easter dress and into another flowery outfit. Did you notice in the past few pictures of Krystle the lack of glasses? She has contacts again. So lovely to be able to see her brown eyes again.

Standing Tall or rather Short
Speaking of brown eyes... This brown eyed boy has started cruising. Pulling up to things, in this case one of my fabric bins, and stepping along the length of it.
Crawling is still his preferred mode of travel. He is a super pro! His smile here rivals the one on his happy snail toy. I'm happy that this snail has a switch to turn off the music and sounds! It's one of many "educational" (annoying) toys around here. Someday we won't have toys and baby furniture as part of our decor. But until then, we make the best of it.

Updating my bathroom decor
I love the colors in my bathroom! The white wainscoting and woodwork and the sea foamish green on the walls. More than a year ago, Alyssa bought me the print that is on the shelf. Yesterday I was at Joann Fabrics and saw these birdhouses and the ceramic bird on the left. I love the country cottage look. I'm not totally happy with my arrangement yet... something needs to be added. I think maybe another little blue birdhouse for a grouping of three. I'm going to live with it for a few days and then decide. Suggestions?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter week

First Double Date
This past week we got to go on a double date with Courtney and Charlie. It was the first time they'd ever been to Gustav's. Fondue, wonderful German food and desserts. All of us had a fine time.

Creme brule
Bavarian Cream

Saturday a.m. at our Jantzen Beach Starbucks
Har and I had to go to Home Depot as we had to get refunded some monies that we were double charged the week before. Advanced technology doesn't always save time or money in this case. But I thank them for their error and the fact that we had to go to the store to remedy it. It gave Harlan and I a reason for a coffee date.

Easter 1995 or 1996 and Today
Cherise, Krystle, Courtney and good ole Aubs. I think this was taken at the Vancouver Apostolic Lutheran Church. Our nephew Quentin is in the background. Aubrey is wearing Cherise's hat. I don't know what Courtney and Krystle are up to.

Krystle today! This morning just before she left to celebrate Easter at her future father-in-laws church, Village Baptist. She's going to spend the entire day with the Johnson family.

And Courtney today with her hubby. They were all dressed up from going to church at St John's Wesleyan.

Jess, Joylynn and their kiddoes this a.m. after attending Easter service at Rock Creek Community Church.

And Har and I and the boys after getting home from Central Bible Church.
Rylan attends a Korean fellowship in downtown Portland and Cherise, Kiel and Henry were up with Logan, Lyssa and their kids.

No matter where we fellowshipped today the message was the same.

We serve a RISEN Savior! He is RISEN indeed!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring School Conference

Aunty Coco!
Look who helped me get the kids packed up and joined me for the ride to the school!

Running around and playing in squirrel territory
We had a few minutes between school getting out and the start of Wyatt's conference. We let the kids run around on the pine needles. This is the same island of land where the squirrel disappeared on me the other day.

Student Led Conference
Wyatt had a check list of things to cover during the Parent/Teacher conference today. He did a great job!

I really like Wyatt's teacher. She is so soft spoken and sweet. He responds well to her style of teaching. I hope he gets another good teacher for 2nd grade. Genevieve is going to need an understanding and patient teacher for Kindergarten next year. But those traits usually define those early childhood educators.
I loved hearing Wyatt read to his mom and Garrett. We are so proud of his work.

I appreciated having Courtney take charge of Danika and Genevieve for most of the time. There was a little bit too much activity in the room for a traditional conference but since Wyatt was in charge and we had plenty of time, having the girls, Courtney, Garrett and me there was fine.
I'm happy to see that they have security measures in place so random people can't be strolling around without being noticed. With visitor passes this bright one definitely stands out. I would like to spend more time at the school next year if our boys are cool with it. They could even do some volunteering as reading or math helpers. We will see what next fall looks like.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oddities and Owies

Sundress Dollies
I love Old Navy and their sales. Picked these up for $6 a piece last Saturday. They love them and would have worn them every sunny day this week if I was okay with it.


Yesterday while sitting in the drive thru pick up line at school I saw a movement in between the cars ahead of me. A squirrel was trying to cross while there was a non stop line of traffic driving past. The little guy made it but the weird thing is I saw him doing the same thing today! You'd think he'd not take such chances.

Shots are OWIE!
Wyatt had his 7 year check up last week and got a couple of immunizations at that time, so I was surprised when the clinic called yesterday and wanted me to bring him in to get his final polio vaccine. I guess there are cases being reported in the area.

Garrett was happy as a clam in his carseat while we waited. Wyatt was not super happy to be there but was a trooper when the poke came.

Houdini Junior
I mentioned earlier what we do to keep this little guy contained to the living room. He has taken to climbing into and then back out of the bottom of the Exersaucer. He has a determined streak... though he isn't sassy about it. What a fun age!

Another Oddity
I don't know how they got there or what they are going to be used for but these 4 spools of colorful wire are hanging on a telephone pole on the corner of N. Fremont and N. Vancouver. They make me think of bobbins... which make me think of sewing...
I have to get busy and figure out what my next project is going to be.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 Months!

Nine months sober
Nine months ago Joylynn made a life-changing commitment: to stop drinking alcohol. She has done well, attending AA meetings and reaching out for help when times get tough. There have been more than enough trials in this 9 months period of time that this milestone is HUGE!
We are very proud of your decision, Lynnie! Keep up the good work!!!
Mom's Lil Irishmen
These best-boys of ours arrived at the house sporting matching t-shirts and matching smiles. They are two of the best motivators to keep Joylynn's commitments at the forefront and for her to be the best mom she can be!

An actual "Sun"day

Sunshine at the river
After church today we stopped in at Costco and got hotdogs, pop and chirros. We started driving and pulled off of Marine Drive at our favorite spot. The boys and Harlan went down the hill and had a picnic of sorts on the rocky bank.

I made the guys stop on the way back up to the van to pose for a picture to document our day. In the photo on the left Hayden was skipping rocks.

Another pit-stop

The weather was perfect for being outside. We stopped at Jantzen Beach Starbucks, sat at a bistro table and enjoyed our refreshments.
I went a little crazy with the camera angles and Cam really doesn't like these pictures of himself. It's nice to see that he actually smiles every now and then. His traditional Converse high tops will be retired before too long to be replaced by flip-flops for the warmer months and then a larger size pair of Converse high tops in the Fall. He is a creature of habit.

Har ran over to Target and picked up a pair of sunglasses. He didn't get prescription ones like I did as he doesn't need his glasses to drive. We enjoyed getting out of the house and seeing the sun!

The quilts I mentioned previously

I like the fun fabrics on these two quilts. I've got a few standard patterns that I lay the squares in and lately I've really liked the one directly above. I usually don't like having two of the same fabrics next to each other but it's become a favorite.
These are going to be ideal beach blankets or laying out in the yard blankets. Light weight for summer sleeping as well, though they aren't big enough for a twin bed. Hope the kids like them.

Next on my agenda: get some outdoor projects lined up to get done. There are less than 2 months left of school. Summer is going to be here before we know it. We want to be able to enjoy some time with our out of town kids and not be tied to things that need to get done around here.