Sunday, March 28, 2010

2nd half of Spring break

It looks a little more like Spring at our house now.
I bought a planter for each side of our porch.
It won't be long before Courtney will be filling my porch planters with Impatiens.

Sew what?
My recent projects have been some receiving blankets for the new grandbabies.
I also made a rag quilt for the little one that Joylynn is still expecting.


I have lived in Portland for almost 31 years and this was the first time I've ever been to Oaks Park.

Some of our kids have been there with youth groups or safety patrol but I know that Hayden and Cameron have never gone there.

It is one of Krystle's favorite places to go and she wanted to share the fun with Cam. He is one of our kids that really likes Amusement Park rides. He had a great time and is looking online to see when the next 2 for 1 deal is and figuring out who can go with him.

Movie and munchies
Courtney and Charlie got to take Wyatt to see "How to Train Your Dragon". Courts promised to take him since she couldn't make it to his school fun night.
He said there were a couple of scary parts but he did like it.

Friends and Fellowship
I took this picture over a week ago at the mall. Joy D. was in town waiting for her hubby to get off of work. Cherise, Henry and I went down and had a cup of coffee with her.
This week Gary and Nicole were heading out for breakfast and gave Har and I a call to see if we could join them... We could and we did.

Milo's City Cafe is really pretty close to here and it's got some great food. It's one of Logan and Alyssa's favs when they are in town too.

Isn't this a beautiful table? Charlie's parents had us over for dinner. The food was wonderful and the fellowship was fun. We definitely need to reciprocate really soon.
This is Trooper... he is one of my new friends. He wasn't begging from anyone else. I think Max may have sent him the message that I'm a pushover when it comes to pooches.

Palm Sunday
Courtney was in a Palm Sunday Choir at the St Johns Wesleyan Church.
They sang "Lord Of The Dance". Beautiful!
The carving on this table says "In remembrance of Me". In this Holy season I want to try to stop and remember what was done for me.

Hosanna in the Highest!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break so far...

Spring has come to Portland
We went to a park that we've never been to before... Cathedral Park.
We went out for coffee on Sunday with our friends, Tom and Kim. Tom recommended we walk with our drinks over to a nearby park. It was so beautiful! When driving across the river you don't realize what's tucked underneath the St Johns Bridge.

Cameron and Hayden are in the foreground of this photo.

Harlan always likes to spend time with the Zywickis.

Road-trip with the R-fam
There are still several members of the family that haven't met Katie yet but we remedied that for Joylynn and the kids this week. I loaded them and Hayden & Cameron in the van and we drove up to Alyssa and Logan's.
Aunty Joylynn loved holding her "only" niece (on our side of the family), but the baby in her belly did not appreciate having another baby in his mom's arms! Katelyn and the baby were kicking each other.
Rowan was thrilled to have the Uncles and his cousins at his house.
Any ball will do for the t-ball stand.

Hot dog and cheeto picnic in the backyard.
A couple of cute "swingers"
Five of the grands on one couch

Two other little guys that can't be left out.
One of our "grands", Simon, is getting so grown up looking.
Seattle seems so far away :( We are missing so much with them gone from Portland.
Our youngest grandson, Henry. I stole this picture from his mom's blog. He is such a cutie bug!!!

Everybody had to hold Katelyn. Each of these guys is going to be such a big help when their new baby comes in June.

Hilltop pose is getting to be a tradition.
On the way out of Lacey we ran over to Walmart. After we shopped and before we hit the road, I made the kids run up the hill and I snapped one last picture.
Family Fun for sure!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a week! Spring Break HO!

Our week started out with a quick trip up to Logan and Alyssa's to meet Katie.
I've been trying to keep in touch with them every day to see how things are going up there. They seem to have become a family of four without a hitch.
Since she is up there and I'm here... I'm posting a photo that came to my cell phone that I sent to my e-mail. Isn't today's technology amazing!!?
Chillin' on the boppy in a new outfit. Five days old.

Close to a milestone birthday

I don't want to refer to KimZ as my oldest friend because that could be taken wrong. She's certainly one I've had for a long time and it was her birthday this week. So we "did lunch" and had a great time! I always feel better after hanging out with Kim. Life's burdens are definitely lighter when shared and life's joys multiplied! "Thank you for being a friend..." It's almost time for the "Golden Girls" theme song hey?

My Darling local grand-daughters

When the kids were here the other night and were getting ready to go Danika and Genevieve busied themselves coloring while waiting for the rest of the family.
They are two of the sweetest happiest little girls ever!

One of our traditions since having more than a couple kids is to take the birthday kid out for breakfast, just them and us. We let them choose. We have kids that research online for the number one breakfast places in Portland from year to year and then we have kids that have a favorite place to go. Krystle's favorite is IHOP. So on Thursday, Krystle's 23rd birthday, we were at the International House of Pancakes. It was actually pretty tasty.

A friend of Krystle's ordered a cookie bouquet that was delivered to the house. So cute.

Since she isn't a big cake fan we ordered a large cookie from Mrs Field's decorated with bats. Not my choice.... but it was delicious and sort of cute.

Sunshine, new bike, and Henry's 1st ride to the park

This is the first time I have been out riding my bike this year. It's also the first time I've been out with Courtney and her new bike. This is Henry's very first bike ride. He has a spiffy new helmet and a sporty new seat attached just behind the handle bars of his mom's bike. Let the adventure begin! Hopefully, it will give them an opportunity to hit the trails and highways and byways of the Walla Walla area and enjoy the great outdoors.

All good things...

This Eastern Washingtonian sure got under our skin and wheedled his way into our hearts even further while he was here. It's always hard to see them take off and head home after a visit.
Now that we have a working vehicle again... perhaps we can head out there to see them!
See you guys! Thanks for staying through all the festivities this past week.

NEXT POST will hopefully include lots of images of SPRING BREAK FUN!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Krystle Dolly is 23!

Today, March 18th, 2010 is Krystle Kayleen Hilman's twenty-third birthday.

Back in 1987 this day, labor pains woke us up at 5:30 in the morning and we arranged for a friends daughter to be with the other 4 kids and headed over to Vancouver Memorial Hospital. They wanted to send us home because I wasn't "progressing" fast enough to admit. They suggested that Harlan and I walk for about an hour. So we walked around the neighborhood there. It was a lovely day... just like today. We arrived back at the hospital around 7:15. This time they said I could stay, though they we reluctant to do so. She was born at 8:30... and hour and 15 minutes later. I'm glad we didn't go home!
We brought our 5th child and 4th daughter home a couple days later. We have been on an incredible journey ever since.

St Patrick's Day

Even though her birthday is the day after, Krystle has always loved St Patrick's Day.
Since we had practically the whole family here for a corned beef and cabbage dinner we threw an impromptu birthday party for her.
23 candles on Swiss Cake rolls and chocolate cream filled yumminess.
Notice the flag in the background? The Navy life is behind her and he is heading into a program that should give her some new career options.

These days we find Krystle most likely in her room or carrying her laptop around writing her stories.

We got a new family game and somehow it reminds me of Krystle. :P

She is going to do stuff with friends to celebrate her "real" birthday today but I wanted to post these to let the world know that we are thankful for her today.
Happy Birthday Krystle!
God bless you always and in all ways!!!