Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Only 11 months 'til Christmas

Isn't it amazing how time goes by so fast. Wasn't it just yesterday I was tying shoes, wiping noses and helping with homework? Actually that was just yesterday. But it is a different group of kids. I do miss our older five being little. They were so cute back then. Now we have to beat suitors off with sticks as they've turned into real beauties. All except Rylan. I don't think he would be considered beautiful. Though in Pride and Prejudice the women are referred to as "handsome". Weird hey?

I should have kept a journal. Is it too late to start? It might be nice to document my days with these youngsters and the grandkids. Does anyone out there know how to discipline oneself to journal daily? I don't even blog daily. I don't know that I do anything on a regular basis. I need to learn organizational skills. I think I used to be more organized. Perhaps if I've kept a journal I could jog my memory.

Friday, January 13, 2006

It's time for a new Grandkids post.

It has been awhile, as Cherise reminded me, since I posted any pictures of Wyatt and Genevieve. They don't get over here very often as Joylynn is working a couple of days a week. We are going to have them all day on Sundays while she is at work and Jess is also at work. Last week was our first time going solo with them. It was quite fun. I got to rock Wyatt to sleep for his nap and then snuggle with Genevieve so she could take a nap too. The only challenge is while we are working in the resource room/breakfast room at church. We put Wyatt in the nursery during the 9 a.m. service and he played with the "Uncles" during the second service. Genevieve slept under the desk for around a half hour and then fell asleep in Grandpa's arms some during second service.

We sure like these little critters.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Where does the time go?

Man the past 3 weeks have flown. Not that there was anything going on or that we were busy with anything :o) Wedding, Christmas, concerts, New Years, concert, ministry day, kids coming home, kids leaving, school, road trips, deployments, changes (I think I like changes the least)... I did manage to give Rylan his once a year haircut. He is such a cute kid. I guess at 25 I shouldn't refer to him as a kid and a man isn't supposed to be cute. How about, He is one very good looking dude! In any event... it was sooooo nice to have him around for a few weeks. Hopefully after he gets his degree he will be able to come home for a longer time before he heads back to get his Doctorate.

Hayden always has a hard time whenever someone leaves. He would love it if Jess, Joylynn, Wyatt, Genevieve, Cherise, Lyssa, Logan and Rylan all lived here with us. Christmas was fun with EVERYONE here. I'm sure we will eventually be "empty nesters" but it is a long way away. I think Hayden mentioned one time about living here with his wife! So we may not be empty nesting at all. But then we will have live in housesitting and can maybe travel. Just the two of us. Sounds like a plan.